Four-Qubit Device with Mixed Couplings.

Grajcar, M.

Izmalkov, A.

Van Der Ploeg, S.H.W.

Linzen, S.

Plecenik, T.

Wagner, Th.

Hübner, U.

Il'ichev, E.

Meyer, H.-G.

Smirnov, A.Yu.

Love, Peter J.

Van Den Brink, Alec Maassen.

Amin, M.H.S.

Uchaikin, S.

Zagoskin, A.M.


  • We present the first experimental results on a device with more than two superconducting qubits. The circuit consists of four three-junction flux qubits, with simultaneous ferro- and antiferromagnetic coupling implemented using shared Josephson junctions. Its response, which is dominated by the ground state, is characterized using low-frequency impedance measurement with a superconducting tank ... read more
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  • Grajcar, M., A. Izmalkov, S. H. W. van der Ploeg, S. Linzen, T. Plecenik, Th. Wagner, U. Hübner, et al. "Four-Qubit Device with Mixed Couplings." Physical Review Letters 96, no. 4 (February 2, 2006). doi:10.1103/physrevlett.96.047006.
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