Negative Returns: The Impact of Impact Investing on Empowerment and Advocacy.

Berry, Jeffrey M., 1948-


  • In the long history of American foundations, these institutions have continually sought to maximize the impact of their gifts. Early leaders in the foundation world (e.g., Carnegie and Rockefeller) tried to apply a scientific method to grant making, emphasizing their own strategic approach to taking on selected problems (Fleishman 2007, 59) Specific orientations have changed over time, but the ... read more
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  • Berry, J.M. (2016) 'Negative Returns: The Impact of Impact Investing on Empowerment and Advocacy', PS: Political Science & Politics, 49(3), pp. 437-441. doi: 10.1017/S1049096516000664. This article has been published in a revised form in PS: Political Science & Politics [doi: 10.1017/S1049096516000664]. This version is free to view and download for private research and study only. Not for re-distribution, re-sale or use in derivative works. © American Political Science Association 2016.
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