Competition of elasticity and flexoelectricity for bistable alignment of nematic liquid crystals on patterned substrates.

Adler, James H.

Atherton, Timothy J.


  • We show that patterned surfaces can promote bistable configurations of nematics for reasons other than the symmetry of the surface. Numerical and analytical calculations reveal that a nematic liquid crystal in contact with a striped surface is subject to the competing aligning influences of elastic anisotropy, differing energy cost of various types of deformation, and flexoelectricity, curvature-induced ... read more
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  • T. J. Atherton and J. H. Adler. Competition of Elasticity and Flexoelectricity for Bistable Alignment of Nematics on Patterned Substrates. Phys. Rev. E, Rapid Communications, 86:040701, Oct. 2012.
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