Energy minimization for liquid crystal equilibrium with electric and flexoelectric effects.

Adler, James H.

Atherton, Timothy J.

Benson, T.R.

Emerson, David B.

MacLachlan, Scott P.


  • This paper outlines an energy-minimization finite-element approach to the modeling of equilibrium configurations for nematic liquid crystals in the presence of internal and external electric fields. The method targets minimization of free energy based on the electrically and flexoelectrically augmented Frank--Oseen free energy models. The Hessian, resulting from the linearization of the first-order ... read more
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  • J. H. Adler, T. J. Atherton, T. R. Benson, D. B. Emerson and S. P. MacLachlan, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 37 (5), S157-S176 (2015).
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