The role of curvature anisotropy in the ordering of spheres on an ellipsoid.

Burke, Christopher J.

Mbanga, Badel L.

Wei, Zengyi.

Spicer, Patrick T.

Atherton, Timothy J.


  • Non-spherical emulsion droplets can be stabilized by densely packed colloidal particles adsorbed at their surface. In order to understand the microstructure of these surface packings, the ordering of hard spheres on ellipsoidal surfaces is determined through large scale computer simulations. Defects in the packing are shown generically to occur most often in regions of strong curvature; however, ... read more
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  • C. J. Burke, B. L. Mbanga, Z. Wei, P. T. Spicer and T. J. Atherton, Soft Matter 11 (29), 5872-5882 (2015). doi: 10.1039/c5sm01118c.
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