Discrete wigner function derivation of the Aaronson—Gottesman tableau algorithm.

Kocia, Lucas.

Huang, Yifei.

Love, Peter J.


  • The Gottesman-Knill theorem established that stabilizer states and Clifford operations can be efficiently simulated classically. For qudits with odd dimension three and greater, stabilizer states and Clifford operations have been found to correspond to positive discrete Wigner functions and dynamics. We present a discrete Wigner function-based simulation algorithm for odd-d qudits that has the same ... read more
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  • Kocia, Lucas, Yifei Huang, and Peter Love. "Discrete Wigner Function Derivation of the Aaronson-Gottesman Tableau Algorithm." Entropy 19, no. 7 (July 11, 2017): 353. doi:10.3390/e19070353.
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