Promoting safe walking among older people: the effects of a physical and cognitive training intervention vs. physical training alone on mobility and falls among older community-dwelling men and women (the PASSWORD study): design and methods of a randomized controlled trial.

Sipilä, Sarianna.

Tirkkonen, Anna.

Hänninen, Tuomo.

Laukkanen, Pia.

Alen, Markku.

Fielding, Roger A.

Kivipelto, Miia.

Kokko, Katja.

Kulmala, Jenni.

Rantanen, Taina.

Sihvonen, Sanna E.

Sillanpää, Elina.

Stigsdotter-Neely, Anna.

Törmäkangas, Timo.


  • Background: Safe and stable walking is a complex process involving the interaction of neuromuscular, sensory and cognitive functions. As physical and cognitive functions deteriorate with ageing, training of both functions may have more beneficial effects on walking and falls prevention than either alone. This article describes the study design, recruitment strategies and interventions of the PASSWORD ... read more
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