Eliciting informed designer patterns from elementary students with open-ended problems (Fundamental).

Yang, Lija Andrija.

Johnson, Aaron W.

Portsmore, Merredith D.


  • Fourth grade students' development of problem constraints and requirements in an ill-defined engineering problem (Fundamental) The inclusion of engineering design practices in the Next Generation ScienceStandards have raised the issue of what design practices children should be expected toengage in. While the standards have put forth ideas for the scaffolding of engineeringdesign practices, there ... read more
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  • Yang, L. A., & Johnson, A. W., & Portsmore, M. D. (2015, June), Eliciting Informed Designer Patterns from Elementary Students with Open-ended Problems (Fundamental) Paper presented at 2015 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Seattle, Washington. 10.18260/p.23931. © 2015 American Society for Engineering Education.
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