Denatured: School of the Museum of Fine Arts 2017 Senior Thesis Exhibition.

Armistead, Catherine; Baisden, Tori; Corbett, Leah; Duytschaever, Camiel; Gonzalez Barrios, Arturo; Grossman, Ellie; Kushi, Teruko Isabella; Lorenzo, Kirk; Marshall, Hannah; Messer, Shailinn; McComb, Kristina; Rose, Caitlin; Sageman, Christopher; Sopata, Christine; Swinterton, Evan; Taper, Oona; Wong Yu Lam, Chloe


  • Denaturing is an act of redefinition: the moment a rock becomes a paperweight, or a brick becomes a weapon. It reshapes what is already established, augmenting its nature into new meaning. As artists we embrace the multiple facets of meaning. This acknowledgement allows us to draw relationships between rocks and paper, bricks and resistance, nature and artifice. Our experiences enable us to create... read more
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