The Dynamics of Nutrition Program Implementation in Ethiopia: Facilitators and Constraints at National and Sub-National Level.

Tessema, Masresha.

Hailu, Tesfaye.

Zerfu, Dilnesaw.

Belay, Adamu.

Ayana, Girmay.

Kuche, Desalegn.

Moges, Tibebu.

Assefa, Tsehai.

Samuel, Aregash.

Kassaye, Tarik.

Fekadu, Habtamu.

VanWassenhove, Joan.

Webb, Patrick.

Kennedy, Eilieen.


  • This is an ENGINE Policy Research Report. The aim of this research is to examine cross-sector coordination at the national, regional, 5 zonal, and woreda level. The proposed research will analyze how a range of policies and programs get translated from the design phase (on paper) to the implementation phase (in practice)
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