The Dynamics of Nutrition Program Implementation in Ethiopia: Facilitators and Constraints at National and Sub-National Level.

Tessema, Masresha.

Hailu, Tesfaye.

Zerfu, Dilnesaw.

Belay, Adamu.

Ayana, Girmay.

Kuche, Desalegn.

Moges, Tibebu.

Assefa, Tsehai.

Samuel, Aregash.

Kassaye, Tarik.

Fekadu, Habtamu.

VanWassenhove, Joan.

Webb, Patrick.

Kennedy, Eilieen.


  • This is an ENGINE Policy Research Report. The aim of this research is to examine cross-sector coordination at the national, regional, 5 zonal, and woreda level. The proposed research will analyze how a range of policies and programs get translated from the design phase (on paper) to the implementation phase (in practice)

    Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition, USAID Contract No. ... read more
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