MySafeRx: a mobile technology platform integrating motivational coaching, adherence monitoring, and electronic pill dispensing for enhancing buprenorphine/naloxone adherence during opioid use disorder treatment: a pilot study.

Schuman-Olivier, Zev.

Borodovsky, Jacob T.

Steinkamp, Jackson.

Munir, Qays.

Butler, Kyle.

Greene, Mary Ann.

Goldblatt, Jonah.

Xie, Hai Yi.

Marsch, Lisa A.


  • Background: While buprenorphine/naloxone (B/N) is approved for opioid use disorder treatment, effective delivery of B/N comes with significant challenges. Most notably, many patients do not take medication daily as prescribed; this non-adherence worsens treatment outcomes, increases healthcare costs, and leads to persistent worries of diversion among providers and policymakers. The present study ... read more
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