Role of recombination and replication fork restart in repeat instability.

Polleys, Erica J.

House, Nealia C.M.

Freudenreich, Catherine H.


  • Eukaryotic genomes contain many repetitive DNA sequences that exhibit size instability. Some repeat elements have the added complication of being able to form secondary structures, such as hairpin loops, slipped DNA, triplex DNA or G-quadruplexes. Especially when repeat sequences are long, these DNA structures can form a significant impediment to DNA replication and repair, leading to DNA nicks, ... read more
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  • Polleys, Erica J., Nealia C.M. House, and Catherine H. Freudenreich. "Role of Recombination and Replication Fork Restart in Repeat Instability." DNA Repair (June 2017). doi:10.1016/j.dnarep.2017.06.018.
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