The comparative effects of high fat diet or disturbed blood flow on glycocalyx integrity and vascular inflammation.

Mitra, Ronodeep.

Qiao, Ju.

Madhavan, Sudharsan.

O'Neil, Gerard L.

Ritchie, Bailey.

Kulkarni, Praveen.

Sridhar, Srinivas.

van de Ven, Anne L.

Cherry Kemmerling, Erica M.

Ferris, Craig.

Hamilton, James A.

Ebong, Eno E.


  • Background and aims: Endothelial surface glycocalyx shedding plays a role in endothelial dysfunction and increases vessel wall permeability, which can lead to inflammation and atherogenesis. We sought to elucidate whether a high fat diet (HFD) or disturbed blood flow conditions, both of which are atherogenic risk factors, would contribute more detrimentally to pre-atherosclerotic loss of endothelial ... read more
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