The matrix reloaded: The evolution of regenerative hydrogels.

Jabbari, E. (Esmaiel)

Leijten, Jeroen.

Xu, Qiaobing.

Khademhosseini, Ali.


  • Cell-laden hydrogels can regenerate lost, damaged or malfunctioning tissues. Clinical success of such hydrogels is strongly dependent on the ability to tune their chemical, physico-mechanical, and biological properties to a specific application. In particular, mimicking the intricate arrangement of cell-interactive ligands of natural tissues is crucial to proper tissue function. Natural extracellular ... read more
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  • Jabbari, Esmaiel, et. al. "The matrix reloaded: The evolution of regenerative hydrogels." Materials Today 19.4 (2016.) doi: 10.1016/j.mattod.2015.10.005.
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