An At-A-Glance Guide to the Genocides of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Catsiapis, Theodosia.

Hamilton-Fairley, Eliza M.

Lazo-Rivera, Pedro A.

Macdonald, Tara.

Olsen, Chloe.

Sattar, Uzair

Venkataraman, Nicole K.

Donahoe, Amanda E.


  • This project is the collaborative efforts of students in Tufts PJS 150-03 Special Topics on Genocide (Fall '17), under the guidance of Professor Amanda Donahoe, which introduced students "to the most extreme form of political violence in human experience by examining the historical origins, patterns, and legacies of contemporary genocides around the world" (Syllabus, 1) The following case notes ... read more
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  • Catsiapis, Theodosia, Eliza M. Hamilton-Fairley, Pedro A. Lazo-Rivera, Tara Macdonald, Chloe Olsen, Uzair Sattar, Nicole K. Venkataraman, and Professor Amanda Donahoe. "An At-A-Glance Guide to the Genocides of the 20th and 21st Centuries." Peace and Justice Studies 150 coursework, Tufts University, Fall 2017.
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