In Defense of Soundiness: A Manifesto.

Guyer, Samuel Z.

Livshits, Benjamin.

Sridharan, Manu.

Smaragdakis, Yannis.

Lhoták, Ondřej.

Amaral, José Nelson.

Chang, Bor-Yuh Evan.

Khedker, Uday.

Møller, Anders.

Vardoulakis, Dimitrios.


  • Static program analysis is a key component of many software development tools, including compilers, development environments, and verification tools. Practical applications of static analysis have grown in recent years to include tools by companies such as Coverity, Fortify, GrammaTech, IBM, and others. Analyses are often expected to be sound in that their result models all possible executions of ... read more
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  • Livshits, Benjamin, Dimitrios Vardoulakis, Manu Sridharan, Yannis Smaragdakis, Ondřej Lhoták, J. Nelson Amaral, Bor-Yuh Evan Chang, Samuel Z. Guyer, Uday P. Khedker, and Anders Møller. "In Defense of Soundiness." Communications of the ACM 58, no. 2 (January 28, 2015): 44-46. doi:10.1145/2644805.
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