Modeling prehensile actions for the evaluation of tangible user interfaces.

Christou, Georgios.

Ritter, Frank E.

Jacob, Robert J. K.


  • Prehension, or reaching-to-grasp is a very common movement performed by users of Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) because through this movement users can manipulate tangible artifacts. Here we present an experiment that provides evidence towards the hypothesis that prehensile movements can be modeled based on the amplitude of the prehension movement. We then explore consequences of this evidence on ... read more
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  • Christou, Georgios, Frank E. Ritter, and Robert J. K. Jacob. "Modeling Prehensile Actions for the Evaluation of Tangible User Interfaces." ITI 2008 - 30th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces (June 2008). doi:10.1109/iti.2008.4588446.
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