Glycoproteomic and glycomic databases.

Baycin Hizal, Deniz.

Wolozny, Daniel.

Colao, Joseph.

Jacobson, Elena.

Tian, Yuan.

Krag, Sharon S.

Betenbaugh, Michael J.

Zhang, Hui.


  • Abstract: Protein glycosylation serves critical roles in the cellular and biological processes of many organisms. Aberrant glycosylation has been associated with many illnesses such as hereditary and chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and immunological disorders. Emerging mass spectrometry (MS) ... read more
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  • Baycin Hizal, Deniz, Daniel Wolozny, Joseph Colao, Elena Jacobson, Yuan Tian, Sharon S. Krag, Michael J. Betenbaugh, and Hui Zhang. "Glycoproteomic and glycomic databases." Clinical Proteomics 11, no. 1 (12, 2014): 1-10.
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