Differential requirement of Srs2 helicase and Rad51 displacement activities in replication of hairpin-forming CAG/CTG repeats.

Nguyen, Jennifer H.G.

Viterbo, David.

Anand, Ranjith P.

Verra, Lauren N.

Sloan, Laura.

Richard, Guy-Franck.

Freudenreich, Catherine H.


  • Trinucleotide repeats are a source of genome instability, causing replication fork stalling, chromosome fragility, and impaired repair. Specialized helicases play an important role in unwinding DNA structures to maintain genome stability. The Srs2 helicase unwinds DNA hairpins, facilitates replication, and prevents repeat instability and fragility. However, since Srs2 is a multifunctional protein ... read more
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  • Nguyen, Jennifer H.G., David Viterbo, Ranjith P. Anand, Lauren Verra, Laura Sloan, Guy-Franck Richard, and Catherine H. Freudenreich. "Differential Requirement of Srs2 Helicase and Rad51 Displacement Activities in Replication of Hairpin-Forming CAG/CTG Repeats." Nucleic Acids Research 45, no. 8 (February 8, 2017): 4519-4531. doi:10.1093/nar/gkx088.
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