US City Size Distribution: Robustly Pareto, but Only in the Tail.

Ioannides, Yannis Menelaos.

Skouras, Spyros.


  • We establish empirically using three different definitions of US cities that the upper tail obeys a Pareto law and not a lognormal distribution. We emphasize estimation of a switching point between the body of the city size distribution (which includes most cities) and its upper tail (which includes most of the population) For the 2000 Census Places data, in particular, our preferred model suggests ... read more
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  • Ioannides, Yannis and Spyros Skouras. 2013. "US city size distribution: Robustly Pareto, but only in the tail ." Journal of Urban Economics 71(1): 18-29. doi:10.1016/j.jue.2012.06.005.
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