Observations upon the poems of Thomas Rowley : in which the authenticity of those poems is ascertained / by Jacob Bryant.

Bryant, Jacob, 1715-1804.


  • 1 online resource (iv, 305, [2], 306-597, [1] pages, [2] leaves)

    Part 2 has divisional t.p.

    Signatures: [A]² B-T⁸ U⁷+² X-Pp⁸ Qq² (cancels B7, L8, U8, X8, Z6 & 7, Aa2).

    Electronic reproduction. Medford, MA : Tisch Library, Tufts University, 2015. Scanned by the Boston Library Consortium/Open Content Alliance as part of the BLC OCA Digitization Project from a copy at the ... read more
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