Development and testing of a novel survey to assess Stakeholder-driven Community Diffusion of childhood obesity prevention efforts.

Korn, Ariella R.

Hennessy, Erin.

Hammond, Ross A.

Allender, Steven.

Gillman, Matthew W.

Kasman, Matt.

McGlashan, Jaimie.

Millar, Lynne.

Owen, Brynle.

Pachucki, Mark C.

Swinburn, Boyd.

Tovar, Alison.

Economos, Christina D.


  • Background: Involving groups of community stakeholders (e.g., steering committees) to lead community-wide health interventions appears to support multiple outcomes ranging from policy and systems change to individual biology. While numerous tools are available to measure stakeholder characteristics, many lack detail on reliability and validity, are not context specific, and may not be sensitive ... read more
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