A view of the internal policy of Great Britain : in two parts. Part I. Of the alterations in the constitution, from the reign of Henry the seventh to the End of George the Second; representing the reciprocal Effects, which these and Commerce have had on each other. Part II. Of the various stages of political society, and the Principles upon which they move, drawn from History, and Nature. With an Application to the Interest of Great Britain, shewing the great Improvement this Island is capable of in respect to Numbers, Riches, and Powers and that it does not depend on Foreign Connexions, however useful, but on itself alone.


  • 1 online resource (xxiii, [1], 288 p.)

    Authorship has often been attributed to Robert Wallace, a Scottish philosopher. A more recent attribution is to Benjamin Farmer, a merchant in Portugal.

    p.225 misnumbered 223.

    Printed by William Bowyer; his records show 750 copies printed.

    Electronic reproduction. Medford, MA : Tisch Library, Tufts University, 2015. Scanned ... read more
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