Synthesis, characterization, and oxidation catalysis studies of a monofunctionalized copper pyridine-aza macrocycle.

McKenzie, Severin.

Palluccio, Taryn.

Patterson, John D.

Rybak-Akimova, Elena V.


  • A copper-containing pyridine-aza macrocycle (PyMAC) with a propionic acid functionality was synthesized and characterized using X-ray crystallography and various spectroscopic techniques. The complex was then screened for peroxidase, olefin epoxidation, and phenol oxidation properties, using an ABTS assay, GC-MS, and UV-Vis spectrophotometry, respectively. The control copper (II) perchlorate salts ... read more
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  • S.G. McKenzie, T.D. Palluccio, J.D. Patterson, E.V. Rybak-Akimova, Synthesis, Characterization, and Oxidation Catalysis Studies of a Monofunctionalized Copper Pyridine-Aza Macrocycle, Inorganica Chimica Acta 482 (October 2018): 732-737, doi:
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