Heapviz: Interactive Heap Visualization for Program Understanding and Debugging.

Guyer, Samuel Z.

Aftandilian, Edward E.

Kelley, Sean.

Gramazio, Connor.

Ricci, Nathan P.

Su, Sara L.


  • Understanding the data structures in a program is crucial to understanding how the program works, or why it doesn't work. Inspecting the code that implements the data structures, however, is an arduous task and often fails to yield insights into the global organization of a program's data. Inspecting the actual contents of the heap solves these problems but presents a significant challenge of its ... read more
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  • Aftandilian, Edward E., Sean Kelley, Connor Gramazio, Nathan Ricci, Sara L. Su, and Samuel Z. Guyer. "Heapviz." Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Software Visualization - SOFTVIS '10 (2010). doi:10.1145/1879211.1879222
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