ICD³: Towards a 3-Dimensional Model of Individual Cognitive Differences.

Chang, Remco.

Peck, Evan M.

Yuksel, Beste F.

Harrison, Lane T.

Ottley, Alvitta.


  • The effects of individual differences on user interaction is a topic that has been explored for the last 25 years in HCI. Recently, the importance of this subject has been carried into the field of information visualization and consequently, there has been a wide range of research conducted in this area. However, there has been no consensus on which evaluation methods best answer the unique needs ... read more
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  • Peck, Evan M., Beste F. Yuskel, Lane Harrison, Alvitta Ottley, and Remco Chang. "ICD³: Towards a 3-Dimensional Model of Individual Cognitive Differences." Paper presented at BELIV 2012: Beyond Time and Errors - Novel Evaluation Methods for Visualization workshop, VisWeek 2012, Seattle, Washington, October 14-19, 2012.
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