White matter damage in maintenance hemodialysis patients: a diffusion tensor imaging study.

Drew, David A.

Koo, Bang-Bon.

Bhadelia, Rafeeque.

Weiner, Daniel E.

Duncan, Sarah.

Garza, Maria Mendoza-De.

Gupta, Aditi.

Tighiouart, Hocine.

Scott, Tammy.

Sarnak, Mark J.


  • Background: Patients treated with dialysis have high rates of brain infarcts, brain atrophy, and white matter disease. There are limited data regarding the presence of more subtle damage to brain white matter.

    Keywords: Chronic kidney disease, Diffusion tensor imaging, End-stage renal disease, Fractional anisotropy, Hemodialysis, Mean diffusivity, Magnetic resonance imaging, Tract based ... read more
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