Chronic inflammation markers are associated with risk of pancreatic cancer in the Swedish AMORIS cohort study.

Sollie, Sam.

Michaud, Dominique S.

Sarker, Debashis.

Karagiannis, Sophia N.

Josephs, Debra H.

Hammar, Niklas.

Santaolalla, Aida.

Walldius, Goran.

Garmo, Hans.

Holmberg, Lars.

Jungner, Ingmar.

Van Hemelrijck, Mieke.


  • Background: Nested case-control studies examining the association between serum markers of chronic inflammation, focused on three specific biomarkers (CRP, IL-8 and TNF-α), and risk of pancreatic cancer have reported no associations. In this study, we evaluated associations between standard pre-diagnostic serum markers of chronic inflammation (CRP, albumin, haptoglobin and leukocytes) and pancreatic ... read more
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