Access to Migration for Rural Households.

Kinnan, Cynthia.

Wang, Shing-Yi.

Larreguy Arbesú, Horacio Alejandro.


  • This paper exploits a unique feature of China's history, the "sent-down youth" (SDY) program, to study the effects of access to internal migration. We show that temporary migration due to the SDY program created lasting inter-province links. We interact these links with two time-varying pull measures in potential destinations. Decades after the SDY program ended, increased access to migration in ... read more
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  • Kinnan, Cynthia, Shing-Yi Wang, and Yongxiang Wang. 2018. "Access to Migration for Rural Households." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 10 (4): 79-119. DOI: 10.1257/app.20160395.
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