Aqueous-Based Coaxial Electrospinning of Genetically Engineered Silk Elastin Core-Shell Nanofibers.

Kaplan, David, 1953-

Zhu, Jingxin.

Huang, Wenwen.

Zhang, Qiang.

Ling, Shengjie.

Chen, Ying.


  • A nanofabrication method for the production of flexible core-shell structured silk elastin nanofibers is presented, based on an all-aqueous coaxial electrospinning process. In this process, silk fibroin (SF) and silk-elastin-like protein polymer (SELP), both in aqueous solution, with high and low viscosity, respectively, were used as the inner (core) and outer (shell) layers of the nanofibers. The ... read more
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  • Zhu, J., W. Huang, Q. Zhang, S. Ling, Y. Chen and D. L. Kaplan (2016). "Aqueous-based coaxial electrospinning of genetically engineered silk elastin core-shell nanofibers." Materials 9(4). doi: 10.3390/ma9040221.
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