Complete Genome Sequence of Gordonia rubripertincta Bacteriophage Hexbug Suggests Potential for a New CT Subcluster

Gavin, Hannah


  • Through the SEA-PHAGES program at Tufts University, a bacteriophage infecting Gordonia rubripertincta NRRL B-16540 was isolated and characterized. Hexbug is a lytic phage and is currently one of 44 phages belonging to cluster CT. The Hexbug genome shares .96% nucleotide identity with cluster CT phage Orla.

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  • Barszczak, D. J., Allison, M. J., Cai, Y., Forman, L., Goldstein, J. M., Hakimjee, S. M., Scapicchio, M. T., Torres, R., & Gavin, H. E. (2022). Complete genome sequence of gordonia rubripertincta bacteriophage hexbug suggests potential for a new ct subcluster. Microbiology Resource Announcements, 11(12), e00773-22.
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