The Bravyi-Kitaev transformation for quantum computation of electronic structure.

Seeley, Jacob T.

Richard, Martin J.

Love, Peter J.


  • Quantum simulation is an important application of future quantum computers with applications in quantum chemistry, condensed matter, and beyond. Quantum simulation of fermionic systems presents a specific challenge. The Jordan-Wigner transformation allows for representation of a fermionic operator by O(n) qubit operations. Here, we develop an alternative method of simulating fermions with qubits, ... read more
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  • Seeley, Jacob T., Martin J. Richard, and Peter J. Love. "The Bravyi-Kitaev Transformation for Quantum Computation of Electronic Structure." The Journal of Chemical Physics 137, no. 22 (December 14, 2012): 224109. doi:10.1063/1.4768229.
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