The TAC paradigm: Unified conceptual framework to represent tangible user interfaces.

Calvillo-Gámez, Eduardo H.

Leland, Nancy.

Shaer, Orit.

Jacob, Robert J. K.


  • This paper introduces a new paradigm for describing Tangible User Interfaces (TUI) The paradigm presented here encompasses existing TUI classifications and proposes a unified conceptual framework with which all TUIs can be understood. In order to show that the new paradigm holds and can be generalized we analyzed several existing TUIs using the proposed paradigm.
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  • Calvillo-Gámez, Eduardo H., Nancy Leland, Orit Shaer, and Robert J. K. Jacob. "The TAC Paradigm." Proceedings of the Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - CLIHC '03 (2003). doi:10.1145/944519.944521.
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