In-Situ Investigation of Wafer-Slurry-Pad Interactions during CMP.

Braun, N.

Gray, Caprice.

Mueller, Andrew J.

Vlahakis, James.

Gauthier, Douglas.

Manno, Vincent P.

Rogers, Chris.

White, Robert D.

Anjur, Sriram.

Moinpour, Mansour.


  • The objective of this project is to acquire in-situ data during chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) including slurry film thickness and flow, wafer-pad contact, wafer-scale friction, and small-scale shear force measurements. The unifying project goal is to utilize a consistent set of experimental data to develop better physical understanding of material removal rate (MRR) and polish quality du... read more
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  • Braun, N., Caprice Gray, Barry Trimmer, Andrew J. Mueller, et. al. "In-Situ Investigation of Wafer-Slurry-Pad Interactions during CMP." 2007 International Conference on Planarization / CMP Technology (ICPT) (October 25-27, 2007).
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