Evaluation of the international standardized 24-h dietary recall methodology (GloboDiet) for potential application in research and surveillance within African settings.

Aglago, Elom Kouassivi.

Landais, Edwige.

Nicolas, Geneviève.

Margetts, Barrie.

Leclercq, Catherine.

Allemand, Pauline.

Aderibigbe, Olaide.

Agueh, Victoire Damienne.

Amuna, Paul.

Annor, George Amponsah.

El Ati, Jalila.

Coates, Jennifer.

Colaiezzi, Brooke.

Compaore, Ella.

Delisle, Hélène.

Faber, Mieke.

Fungo, Robert.

Gouado, Inocent.

El Hamdouchi, Asmaa.

Hounkpatin, Waliou Amoussa.

Konan, Amoin Georgette.

Labzizi, Saloua.

Ledo, James.

Mahachi, Carol.

Maruapula, Segametsi Ditshebo.

Mathe, Nonsikelelo.

Mbabazi, Muniirah.

Mirembe, Mandy Wilja.

Mizéhoun-Adissoda, Carmelle.

Nzi, Clement Diby.

Pisa, Pedro Terrence.

El Rhazi, Karima.

Zotor, Francis.

Slimani, Nadia.


  • Background: Collection of reliable and comparable individual food consumption data is of primary importance to better understand, control and monitor malnutrition and its related comorbidities in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), including in Africa. The lack of standardised dietary tools and their related research support infrastructure remains a major obstacle to implement concerted and ... read more
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