Evaluation of a civic engagement approach to catalyze built environment change and promote healthy eating and physical activity among rural residents: a cluster (community) randomized controlled trial.

Seguin-Fowler, Rebecca A.

Hanson, Karla L.

Villarreal, Deyaun.

Rethorst, Chad D.

Ayine, Priscilla.

Folta, Sara C.

Maddock, Jay E.

Patterson, Megan S.

Marshall, Grace A.

Volpe, Leah C.

Eldridge, Galen D.

Kershaw, Meghan.

Luong, Vi.

Wang, Hua.

Kenkel, Don.


  • Keywords: Civic engagement, Built environment, Nutrition, Physical activity, Rural health equity, Social influence.

    Springer Open.
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