The role of water, sanitation and hygiene interventions in reducing soil-transmitted helminths: interpreting the evidence and identifying next steps.

Vaz Nery, Susana.

Pickering, Amy J.

Abate, Ebba.

Asmare, Abraham.

Barrett, Laura.

Benjamin-Chung, Jade.

Bundy, Donald A.

Clasen, Thomas.

Clements, Archie C.

Colford, John M.

Ercumen, Ayse.

Crowley, Siobhan.

Cumming, Oliver.

Freeman, Matthew C.

Haque, Rashidul.

Mengistu, Birhan.

Oswald, William E.

Pullan, Rachel L.

Oliveira, Rita G.

Einterz Owen, Katey.

Walson, Judd L.

Youya, Ashrafedin.

Brooker, Simon J.


  • Abstract: The transmission soil transmitted helminths (STH) occurs via ingestion of or contact with infective stages present in soil contaminated with human faeces. It follows therefore that efforts to reduce faecal contamination of the environment should help to reduce risk of parasite exposure and improvements in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are seen as essential for the long-term, ... read more
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