An investigation into the impact of acute stress on encoding in older adults.

Smith, Amy.

Dijkstra, Katinka.

Gordon, Leamarie T.

Romero, L. Michael.

Thomas, Ayanna K.


  • Acute psychological stress commonly occurs in young and older adults' lives. Though several studies have examined the influence of stress on how young adults learn new information, the present study is the first to directly examine these effects in older adults. Fifty older adults (M age = 71.9) were subjected to either stress induction or a control task before learning two types of information: ... read more
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  • Smith A.M., Dijkstra, K., Gordon, L.T., Romero, M., & Thomas, A.K. (2018). An Investigation into the Impact of Acute Stress on Encoding in Older Adults. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 26(5), 749-766.
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