Interpreting physical and behavioral health scores from new work disability instruments.

Marfeo, Elizabeth E.

Ni, Pengsheng.

Chan, Leighton.

Rasch, Elizabeth K.

McDonough, Chrstine M.

Brandt, Diane E.

Bogusz, Kara.

Jette, Alan M.


  • Objective: To develop a system to guide interpretation of scores generated from 2 new instruments measuring workrelated physical and behavioral health functioning (Work Disability - Physical Function (WD-PF) and WD - Behavioral Function (WD-BH)) Design: Cross-sectional, secondary data from 3 independent samples to develop and validate the functional levels for physical and behavioral health ... read more
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  • Marfeo, E, P Ni, L Chan, E Rasch, C McDonough, D Brandt, K Bogusz, and A Jette. "Interpreting Physical and Behavioral Health Scores from New Work Disability Instruments." Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 47, no. 5 (2015): 394-402. doi:10.2340/16501977-1947.
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