Associations of HLA alleles with specific language impairment.

Nudel, Ron.

Simpson, Nuala H.

Baird, Gillian.

O'Hare, Anne.

Conti-Ramsden, Gina.

Bolton, Patrick F.

Hennessy, Elizabeth R.

Monaco, Anthony P.

Knight, Julian C.

Winney, Bruce.

Fisher, Simon E.

Newbury, Dianne F.


  • Background: Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) loci have been implicated in several neurodevelopmental disorders in which language is affected. However, to date, no studies have investigated the possible involvement of HLA loci in specific language impairment (SLI), a disorder that is defined primarily upon unexpected language impairment. We ... read more
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  • Nudel, Ron, Nuala H. Simpson, Gillian Baird, Anne O'Hare, Gina Conti-Ramsden, Patrick F. Bolton, Elizabeth R. Hennessy, Anthony P. Monaco, Julian C. Knight, Bruce Winney, Simon E. Fisher, and Dianne F. Newbury. "Associations of HLA alleles with specific language impairment." Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 6, no. 1 (12, 2014): 1-9.
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