Crime Blindness: How Selective Attention and Inattentional Blindness Can Disrupt Eyewitness Awareness and Memory.

Hyman, Ira E.

Wulff, Alia.

Thomas, Ayanna K.


  • Most people are not constantly watching for crimes and accidents. They are instead focused on other tasks. When people are focused on other tasks, they may fail to see crimes that should be obvious, a phenomenon called crime blindness. This article describes research on crime blindness, other attention failures, and eyewitness memory. When their attention focuses on something other than the crime, ... read more
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  • Hyman, I. E., Wulff, A., & Thomas A.K. (2018). Crime blindness: How selective attention and inattentional blindness can disrupt eyewitness awareness and memory. Policy Insights from Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 5(2), 202-208.
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