Understanding stress in the healthy animal -potential paths for progress.

Romero, L. Michael.

Platts, Steven H.

Schoech, Stephan J.

Wada, Haruka.

Crespi, Erica.

Martin, Lynn B.

Buck, Charles Loren.


  • Although stress is usually associated with disease, the physiological and behavioral responses to stressors are critical mechanisms of resilience for healthy organisms. A recent workshop comprised of researchers who study healthy humans and both free-living and captive non-human animals identified a number of key roadblocks that are impeding progress in understanding how stress responses integrate ... read more
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  • L. Michael Romero, Steven H. Platts, Stephan J. Schoech, Haruka Wada, Erica Crespi, Lynn B. Martin & C. Loren Buck (2015) Understanding stress in the healthy animal- potential paths for progress, Stress, 18:5, 491-497, DOI: 10.3109/10253890.2015.1073255.
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