PROXIMAL: a method for Prediction of Xenobiotic Metabolism.

Hassoun, Soha.

Yousofshahi, Mona.

Manteiga, Sara.

Wu, Charmian.

Lee, Kyongbum.


  • Background: Contamination of the environment with bioactive chemicals has emerged as a potential public health risk. These substances that may cause distress or disease in humans can be found in air, water and food supplies. An open question is whether these chemicals transform into potentially more active or toxic derivatives via xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes expressed in the body. We present ... read more
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  • Yousofshahi, M., S. Manteiga, C. Wu, K. Lee and S. Hassoun (2015). "PROXIMAL: A method for Prediction of Xenobiotic Metabolism." BMC Systems Biology.. doi: 10.1186/s12918-015-0241-4.
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