Scale refinement and initial evaluation of a behavioral health function measurement tool for work disability evaluation.

Marfeo, Elizabeth E.

Ni, Pengsheng.

Haley, Stephen M.

Bogusz, Kara.

Meterko, Mark.

McDonough, Chrstine M.

Chan, Leighton.

Rasch, Elizabeth K.

Brandt, Diane E.

Jette, Alan M.


  • Objective: To use item response theory (IRT) data simulations to construct and perform initial psychometric testing of a newly developed instrument, the Social Security Administration Behavioral Health Function (SSA-BH) instrument, that aims to assess behavioral health functioning relevant to the context of work. Design: Cross-sectional survey followed by IRT calibration data simulations. Setting: ... read more
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  • Marfeo, Elizabeth E., Pengsheng Ni, Stephen M. Haley, Kara Bogusz, Mark Meterko, Christine M. McDonough, Leighton Chan, Elizabeth K. Rasch, Diane E. Brandt, and Alan M. Jette. "Scale Refinement and Initial Evaluation of a Behavioral Health Function Measurement Tool for Work Disability Evaluation." Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 94, no. 9 (September 2013): 1679-1686. doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2013.03.012.
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