Hierarchical simplification of city models to maintain urban legibility.

Chang, Remco.

Butkiewicz, Thomas.

Ziemkiewicz, Caroline.

Wartell, Zachary.

Pollard, Nancy.

Ribarsky, William.


  • For 3D global visualization systems such as Google Earth, it is important to be able to render city-sized collections of relatively simple building models at fast speeds without losing spatial coherence. Since traditional mesh simplification algorithms are not designed for collections of simple models, we introduce a method of simplification through merging of similar objects. We incorporate the ... read more
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  • Chang, Remco, Thomas Butkiewicz, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Zachary Wartell, Nancy Pollard, and William Ribarsky. "Hierarchical Simplification of City Models to Maintain Urban Legibility." ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Sketches on - SIGGRAPH '06 (2006). doi:10.1145/1179849.1180012.
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