Mathematics teachers' ideas about mathematical models: a diverse landscape.

Tobin, Roger G.

Bautista, Alfredo.

Brizuela, Bárbara M.

Wilkerson-Jerde, Michelle H.


  • This paper describes the ideas that mathematics teachers (grades 5-9) have regarding mathematical models of real-world phenomena, and explores how teachers' ideas differ depending on their educational background. Participants were 56 United States in-service mathematics teachers. We analyzed teachers' written responses to three open-ended questions through content analysis. A varied landscape of ... read more
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  • "Mathematics Teachers' Ideas about Mathematical Models: A Diverse Landscape," A. Bautista, M.H. Wilkerson-Jerde, R.G. Tobin, and B.M. Brizuela, PNA, 9, #1 (2014).
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