Simulations of amphiphilic fluids using mesoscale lattice-Boltzmann and lattice-gas methods.

Love, Peter J.

Nekovee, M.

Coveney, Peter (Peter V.)

Chin, J.

González-Segredo, N.

Martin, J.M.R.


  • We compare two recently developed mesoscale models of binary immiscible and ternary amphiphilic fluids. We describe and compare the algorithms in detail and discuss their stability properties. The simulation results for the cases of self-assembly of ternary droplet phases and binary water-amphiphile sponge phases are compared and discussed. Both models require parallel implementation and deployment ... read more
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  • Love, P.J, M Nekovee, P.V Coveney, J Chin, N González-Segredo, and J.M.R Martin. "Simulations of Amphiphilic Fluids Using Mesoscale Lattice-Boltzmann and Lattice-Gas Methods." Computer Physics Communications 153, no. 3 (July 2003): 340-358. doi:10.1016/s0010-4655(03)00200-5.
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