Student videos as a tool for elementary teacher development in teaching engineering: What do teachers notice?.

McCormick, Mary E.

Wendell, Kristen.

O'Connell, Brian Patrick.


  • The Next Generation Science Standards call for all K-12 students to participate in practices of engineering and to consider core disciplinary ideas of engineering design. This inclusion of engineering in the NGSS heightens the engineering education community's need to develop effective supports for K-12 teachers learning to teach engineering. In our work, we explore approaches to supporting elementary ... read more
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  • McCormick, M., & Wendell, K. B., & O'Connell, B. P. (2014, June), Student Videos as a Tool for Elementary Teacher Development in Teaching Engineering: What Do Teachers Notice? (Research to Practice) Paper presented at 2014 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Indianapolis, Indiana. © 2014 American Society for Engineering Education.
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