Inhibition of monocyte-like cell extravasation protects from neurodegeneration in DBA/2J glaucoma.

Williams, Pete A.

Braine, Catherine E.

Kizhatil, Krishnakumar.

Foxworth, Nicole E.

Tolman, Nicholas G.

Harder, Jeffrey M.

Scott, Rebecca A.

Sousa, Gregory L.

Panitch, Alyssa.

Howell, Gareth R.

John, Simon W.


  • Background: Glaucoma is characterized by the progressive dysfunction and loss of retinal ganglion cells. Recent work in animal models suggests that a critical neuroinflammatory event damages retinal ganglion cell axons in the optic nerve head during ocular hypertensive injury. We previously demonstrated that monocyte-like cells enter the optic nerve head in an ocular hypertensive mouse model of ... read more
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