miRNA regulated pathways in late stage murine lung development.

Mujahid, Sana.

Logvinenko, Tanya.

Volpe, MaryAnn V.

Nielsen, Heber C.


  • Background: MicroRNAs play important roles in regulating biological processes, including organ morphogenesis and maturation. However, little is known about specific pathways regulated by miRNA during lung development. Between the canalicular and saccular stages of the developing lung several important cellular events occur, including the ... read more
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  • Mujahid, Sana, Tanya Logvinenko, MaryAnn V. Volpe, and Heber C. Nielsen. "miRNA regulated pathways in late stage murine lung development." BMC Developmental Biology 13, no. 1 (12, 2013): 1-11.
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